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~ Customer Testimonials ~

From time to time we get emails and updates on horses that have come out of our breeding program, on how well they are doing.  Here are a few testimonials from folks that have raised foals sired by our stallions, purchased foals from us, or purchased horses trained by us and currently being shown in their respective events.

If you have a horse originating from some of our breeding stock or coming from our program, we would love to hear from you! Contact us at rockinas@venturecomm.net, we would love to hear about your Schimke horses!

I just thought I would let you know that it doesn't look like "Mac" is going to be leaving the place anytime soon! We got a little bit of weight on him and have been riding him pretty regular, we've used him to pick up on at two rodeos so far this year and he has no clue what he is doing but he has got alot of guts and alot of try. He had to work a bareback hangup his first day on the job and he worked like a champ! He got a little bit of a crash course in ranch horse life for most of March and he got the idea of pulling from the horn and holding a rope pretty quick, I have been taking him with me to a few ranch ropings and he's turning out to be a good all around hand.

  Also, I am pretty excited to say that I am hoping to run barrels on him a bit this summer (I havent run barrels in....its been a long time lol). Once the arena got a little dried out I started playing around with him on the barrels, he was rusty but he wanted to turn pretty bad. I brought him along pretty slow, I didn't know where he had been left off and I was trying to figure him out a little bit, he had a few little habits I wasn't fond of at first but we have worked through them and he is high loping a pretty and smooth pattern now. He has got soooo much turn, I don't know if that is a Frenchmans Guy thing or what, I have never been on one so I don't know but he really wants to drag his butt around a barrel and I (pat on the back for me!) have managed to keep him soft and he really follows my hand around nice, just get his nose, and its all up to your feet from there, he is a no-pulling and NO DRILLING! kind of horse. Very smart, he doesn't act like he has much going on upstairs sometimes, but you show him something once or twice and he just has it. Very easy to get along with! Dave really likes him (which really kind of surprised me) and I am having fun with him so hopefully this summer brings good things for him! Sorry for the book, I just thought you might like to hear that he has a job(s) now and we both are really enjoying him, he's going to be a nice all around horse we think! ~ Rhonda in Montana

We love them!! Pablo's (Frostman San Peppy) foals are very intelligent, have good confirmation and muscling. Our 6 yr old, Pacific Frostman, plays hard, has attitude but when it counts, he's all business. Pacific Frostman won $11,000+ in cash and prizes his futurity year. We liked him so much we bought two more. He is our only lefty at this time but we think at least one of his two 1/2 paternal brothers is also going to be a lefty. Visit Wallace Performance Horses to find out how Frostman San Peppy's offspring perform! ~ Wallace Performance Horses in Nebraska

I own a 4 yr old that I bought as a weanling. He is sooo friendly and last fall he was broke out with 30 days on him the gal that started him said if she woulda had him 2 more weeks she woulda taken him to the badlands to ride. He is very level headed and not spooky at all, super easy to get on with! I will futurity him next yr.I look forward to a easy horse to take to the barrels and should be pretty stress free! I also rodeoed with Pablo and think he is a gem! Like father like son. ~ Michele in Minnesota

I have a Pablo mare that will be 6 and a gelding that will be 4 this spring and all I can say is I love them! The mare is one heck of a head horse. She gets to cattle so fast and will sit her butt down and take one off so nice. I have had so many complements on how well she is behaved for being so young, nothing bothers her. I had her at college and people thought I had been roping on her for a few years but it had only been about 6 months. Everything is effortless for her. She is going to be one nice barrel horse too. I can't say enough good things about these colts. They are just enjoyable to ride. I would love to have another one! ~ Hilary in South Dakota

Thanks Schimke Ranch for having an outstanding breeding program. We love each and everyone of our horses that came from your program. Best investment ever. ~ April in MN

I purchased Cherry (a daughter of Firewater Finale) a little over a year ago. She is an awesome filly. One of the prettiest movers I have ever seen and a great mind. Very quick learner. She currently stands 15.3 at the hip and she hasn't even turned 2 yet. I haven't put any rides on her but I have ground drove her quite a bit and she is just so easy. I am not a mare person but I am so glad I purchased this filly. I have no doubt she is going to be very successful. Thanks ~ Michelle

My mare was due 3/6 and just foaled on 4/4 at about 10:45 pm. But this filly was definitley worth the wait! Here are a few pics of her right after she was born and again this morning all dry. Tell Dazzler he is doing a good job! Thanks! ~ Gina

Judys Spice, Dial Judy's baby, ran third by a whisker in the Sam Houston Paint futurity. She also ran a second in a maiden race. She is a really nice filly. I will run her once in June and once in July then in a futurity in San Antonio in August. Just thought you might like an update since you are the breeder. ~ Sandy in TX

Hi Amy, Love all your new babies! Just had to let you know how much I love my 2 year old filly out of Firewater Finale. She is so pretty and so far is a quick learner. Thanks for a wonderful prospect! ~ Deb in MN

Just wanted to say how happy I am with my Firewater Finale baby. She amazes me every time I get on her :) ~ Ashley in MN

I rode Sheza French Rocket today!! They have been longing and riding her (on the longe line) for about 2 weeks now. Today I saddled her and longed her myself, then I sat on her while the trainer longed her at a walk and trot. I stopped her with my seat in both directions!!! She is so smooth and is still so calm. They love her at the barn. I LOVE HER MORE EVERY DAY!! Every time I come home from the trainer I tell my husband "we should have bought her sister'. He just hangs his head and says, "I know." Thank you Amy for such a great horse. I'm not one to cry but I cried when I got off of her - pure joy- thanks for making my dreams come true!!! I'll keep you posted. I hardly go on the computer- don't have a phone. I hope all is well with you!!! ~ Beth in PA

Thought I'd share yesterday's adventure with you. Callie's motto for 2013 I think is "Go Big" so yesterday she says to me "I have a plan! I'm going to take the halter, tie it around Spirits neck and ride him in the pole barn" I looked at her, nodded and said "Oh, I see, that's your plan?" Her response was "yah, let's go!" Now a wiser person probably would have rained on her parade but I thought "Well ya gotta learn somehow?" So away we went. Get in the pole barn and she ties the halter on, takes an old empty crystalyx tub rolls it over so she can get on and hops on. Smiling and giggling she says "See I told ya" And away they went. I walked beside them but that was about it. She got him to flex, back, and even turn some. Then of course Candice has to get in the action so we put her on and lead her around. Of course we had to do the same thing with Whiskey and had the exact same results. Craziest thing I've ever seen! Nicest 2 year olds I've ever had around! If I'd had my camera and could have captured the look on Callie's face it was PRICELESS! She was the first person to get on her horse, very unforgettable for an 8 year old. Hope that makes yours and Brett's day and gives you a smile. ~ Anne, DeSmet SD

Hi Amy,
I'm so excited I had to share with someone that would appreciate it! LOL I sent my 3 year old palomino filly (the one from Cindy) to get started under saddle about 45 days ago. I've never used this trainer before and in some of our initial conversations he said "I'm not very good about pointing out the positive things in a horse". hehe He's a great guy and seems to be a FANTASTIC trainer. I try to get there once a week to watch her work. He's actually good friends with Rodney Yost and they put on some clinics together.
I was out of town for several days and got back last night. I called him this morning to get an update and his exact words were "She's fricking awesome". Actually he said it probably 6-8 times!! LOL He also said "She's gonna be a pretty stinkin' nice horse". Coming from a guy who doesn't point out the positives I'd say we're doing good!!!!!! hehe ~ Jessica in Michigan


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