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Dear Mare Owner,

Thank you for your interest in our stallions that stand at Schimke Ranch. Enclosed is a shipped semen breeding contract for the stallion that you have requested. Please take the time to read through this letter & contract so you are familiar with our procedures & fees.

To reserve a breeding, the following items must be sent to Schimke Ranch:

    1. A completed, signed breeding contract.
    2. A copy of your mare’s registration papers.
    3. Deposit

Breeding with cooled, shipped semen is very successful, however it requires intensive mare management, with perfect timing--either by a veterinarian, or a breeding farm experienced with ultrasounding mares & cooled semen insemination protocols.

The following fees must be paid in full before we can send any shipments:

    1. Balance of stud fee
    2. Collection fee of $300 when applicable (re-breeds or stallion service auction collection/freight fees).

Please note that shipping containers must be returned to us within 5 days, or you will be billed for the value of the shipping container.

Schimke Ranch operates on a routine collection/shipping schedule that your veterinarian will need to know. This schedule WILL NOT be altered for any reason. Collection days from February 15-June 30th will be EVERY MONDAY-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY including holidays.

Semen orders need to be made, by the veterinarian only, the night before the shipment will need to be sent, by 7PM Central Time. Please call to confirm or cancel the shipment before 9AM Central Time on collection days. Orders placed after 9AM Central on collection days run a lower chance of semen availability. We cannot guarantee a shipment on orders placed after 9AM on collection/ship days.

Semen shipments will be prioritized based on the mare’s reproductive status according to the veterinarian placing the semen order.

Thanks again for your interest and we are looking forward to a successful breeding season! If you have any questions give us a call at (605) 539-0272.

Brett & Amy (Schimke) Borkowski



Amy Schimke and Brett Borkowski
37008 221st Street
Wessington Springs, SD 57382-5114
(605) 539-0272


2015 Schimke Ranch Stallion Contract


MARE’s NAME__________________________________________ REG#_______________________


I agree to breed the above stated mare to Frostman San Peppy for the 2015 breeding season with the terms being as follows:

1.     No mare will be bred until the contract has been completed, signed, and ALL FEES have been paid in full.
2.     Stallion fee includes collection/processing/freight fee on the FIRST shipment of semen. Additional shipments of semen are available for a flat fee of $300/shipment.
3.     Stallion services donated to stallion service auctions DO NOT include the collection/processing/freight of semen.  These are charges that must be paid before semen will be sent. 
4.     A copy of the mare's papers must accompany this contract.
5.     Breeding season goes from February 15th to June 30th 2015.
6.     IT IS THE MARE OWNER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM US OF MARE'S PREGNANCY STATUS!!!  If we are not notified of mare's pregnancy status within 30 days post service, a $250 re-breed fee will be due before breeding the mare. If for any reason the mare does not become pregnant, we as the stallion owner/manager will NOT be liable.
7.     We will issue a Breeders Certificate for each live foal born as a result of breeding services herein provided once notified that the mare has foaled.
8.     Our live foal guarantee means that the foal is born alive, stands and nurses on its own, and remains alive for 24 hours. Should the mare miscarry, abort, or be barren, Mare Owner may re-breed ONLY THE YEAR FOLLOWING. A substitute mare OWNED BY ORIGINAL CONTRACT OWNER AS SHOWN ON AQHA PAPERS may be bred if the original mare is deemed unfit for breeding or dies. Re-breeds are NOT transferable. If a substitute mare is unavailable, a refund of stud fee less the fees for collection/shipment will be refunded. ALL REBREEDS MUST BE USED THE YEAR FOLLOWING THE ORIGINAL DATE ON THE CONTRACT OR THEY BECOME NULL AND VOID.
9.     If the stallion dies or becomes unfit for service, this contract is null and void and the stud fee less the collection/shipping fees shall be returned to the mare owner.
10.   Any dispute of this contract will be governed by the laws of the State of South Dakota and venue of any dispute arising from this contract will be in Jerauld County, South Dakota.


NAME:________________________________________ ADDRESS:__________________________________

PHONE:____________________________________ CELL/WORK PHONES:__________________________


SIGNATURE & DATE:____________________________________________________________________




2015 Schimke Ranch Shipping Contract


The undersigned agrees to breed the aforementioned mare to FROSTMAN SAN PEPPY with cooled shipped semen, for the 2015 breeding season, with the terms being as follows:

1.     The Stallion Service Contract is part of this agreement.  The Transported Semen Contract and the Stallion Service Contract shall both be completed and signed by Mare Owner and returned to Schimke Ranch with appropriate fees before cooled semen will be sent.  A copy of the mare’s registration papers must be returned with the contracts and fees.  The breeder’s certificate, live foal guarantee, return privileges, mare substitution, death loss, assignments, and performance of contract are all referenced in Stallion Service Contract.
2.     Stud fee includes collection and processing and shipping fees to the designated breeding facility for the FIRST COLLECTION AND SHIPMENT.
4.     A collection/processing fee of $300 is due and payable to Schimke Ranch for each additional shipment needed and shall be paid before any additional shipments are made.
5.     Mare Owner is responsible for the return of the cooled semen container and all of its components to the stallion facility.   Should mare owner fail to return the shipper, WITHIN 5 DAYS OF RECIEIVING IT, Mare Owner agrees to pay for its value of $50 for the Equine Express containers or $500 for Equitainer shippers. This shall be paid in full before any subsequent shipments or issuance of Breeders Certificate or any refunds.
6.     Mare Owner assumes responsibility for all facets of breeding the mare and agrees to comply with all breed registry requirements concerning the use and handling of shipped semen.
7.     Schimke Ranch agrees to ship semen in viable condition to the breeding facility and will not be responsible for contamination of semen during or after shipment, loss of viability, or costs arrived from delayed shipping, damage, or loss in transit.  Schimke Ranch agrees to process each ejaculate so as to optimize 24 hour post cool motility and subsequent fertility.  Every effort should be made by Mare Owner to inseminate mare within 24 hours of collection.  Mare Owner agrees to use all cooled semen for the mare named in this agreement and no other.
8.     Collection days are Monday-Wednesday-Friday throughout the breeding season.  Semen orders must be made no later than 7PM CENTRAL TIME  THE DAY BEFORE THE SEMEN NEEDS TO BE SENT!!!!  WE cannot guarantee a shipment on orders placed beyond that deadline.  Cancellation of the shipment must be made no later than 9AM CENTRAL TIME on the day the shipment was to be sent.   TO ORDER SEMEN PLEASE CALL 605-539-0272 AND LEAVE A VOICEMAIL IF NO ANSWER.  We will call you back to confirm that we got your order.
9.     The receiving veterinarian/technician and the physical shipping address of the breeding facility shall be listed below:

DESIGNATED BREEDING FACILITY_______________________________________

VET OR TECHNICIAN__________________________________________________

SHIPPING ADDRESS:___________________________________________________


PHONE #s____________________________________________________________

MARE OWNER SIGNATURE & DATE______________________________________